why write?

I have to write what I hear in my head, what I dream in my sleep, what my bones ache to express.

My poems tell stories of strength, love, regret, disobedience, loss, hope, redemption, and whatever whispers.

—Cindy B. Stevens

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28 June 2018

Graham Nash

For my 2015 Christmas gift to Richard, I purchased a Graham Nash compact disc and concert tickets.  On 10 February 2016, he and I attended “An Evening with Graham Nash” at the Carolina Theatre in Durham, North Carolina, a small, intimate venue.  A barefooted Graham came out on stage partially lit with candles, walked to the carpeted area, and the night was magical.

I’m a singer and listen to music on my way to work, and sing, because I love to sing and it helps exercise my voice.  This morning I played that Graham Nash album (“This Path Tonight”) and did not sing, just listened.

Those who read my poetry soon realize I’m not a feel-good-emotions poet.  I do write about emotions, not necessarily gloomy, but contemplative, questioning, searching, not joyful.  I’ve been writing these past few weeks since the launch of my first book, Naked, completed a piece yesterday, and will complete another today or tomorrow.  I write my best when contemplative and Graham Nash singing to me this morning enriched that mood.

© 28 June 2018
Cindy B. Stevens

10 June 2018

Friday - NOT a poem

I don’t write every day.  I’m a poet.  But, I almost always write on Fridays.

A wireless speaker sits on top of our refrigerator to broadcast the stereo from the living room.  It usually remains on and when it loses its signal, it beeps.  I won’t say who leaves it on.  I was cleaning up after breakfast on Friday and the beeping began.

It’s difficult for me to reach the top of the refrigerator to turn that thing off, so I decided to move it to the turquoise lateral-file-cabinet-repurposed-storage-kitchen-unit, which I can reach.  It holds small appliances, paper towels, supplies for our outside patio meals, cat food, and other stuff.  Well, when I got on the step stool to declutter the top of the turquoise unit, I decided to just remove everything and really declutter.  Of course, it needed to be dusted and wiped down.  After that and putting the clutter where it belonged, it was time for the top of the refrigerator.

I’m not tall enough to see the top of my refrigerator.  I know it’s dusty up there.  I don’t know about y’all, but it’s easy to ignore, so I do.  Not Friday.  I climbed on the step stool.  Some clutter items were thrown out and some put in their logical storage places.  The top was wiped down.  The sponge was thrown away.  Only a few items necessary for the refrigerator top remained.  Now, both the turquoise storage unit and the top of the refrigerator are clean and tidy, until another day.  So, no, I didn’t write this past Friday.  But, sometimes cleaning and decluttering a portion of the home cleans my cobwebs and organizes my brain.