why write?

I have to write what I hear in my head, what I dream in my sleep, what my bones ache to express.

My poems tell stories of strength, love, regret, disobedience, loss, hope, redemption, and whatever whispers.

—Cindy B. Stevens

Books Available

My first collection of poetry, Naked, is available for $12.00 at http://mainstreetragbookstore.com/product/naked-cindy-stevens/

For local readers, books are also available at:

Purple Crow Books in Hillsborough, NC

The Regulator Bookshop in Durham, NC

30 July 2019


The following is a portion of a recent double haiku palindrome:

I don’t want to ask
I only want to stand here
I want to watch him

© 8 June 2019
Cindy B. Stevens

#Breathe #Crush #Watch

Photo credit:  jay-clark-f1BYXBR7280-unsplash

24 July 2019

my effort

This poem, “my effort”, is somewhat dark.  I’ll share two stanzas:

is it as easy as shrugging shoulders to plan a death?
your far away eyes
like the dog in the car in the parking lot
he gazes longingly over the backseat
out the rear window

I step from the limousine inside gated gardens
no tears left to wash my face
a raven flits from one monumental angel to another
exhausted with this life
why didn’t you whisper your pain?

© Cindy B. Stevens
28 September 2018

#alone #pain #speak

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18 July 2019


The week we receive our high school yearbooks, we pass them around homeroom.  People will write something sweet, nice, or flattering.  This excerpt is from “autograph”:

I don’t know what Jeff’s words mean
what he thanks me for
I know by the way he looks at me
it’s something
I won’t want my mother to see

© Cindy B. Stevens
27 April 2019

#autograph #magnet #trouble

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12 July 2019

an open window

The following portion is from “an open window”, where Stella cat, at a younger age, was trying to catch leaves through the screened window:

leaves waltz and wrestle
I leap, swipe at them
I forget the screen
and peek to see if
anyone watches

© 16 June 2019
Cindy B. Stevens

#cat #dignified #tabby

Photo credit:  Cindy B. Stevens

06 July 2019

beyond me

I write in my study, coffee shops, churches, bars, graveyards . . ..  These two stanzas of “beyond me” come from the graveyard:
Magnolia’s skirt lies on a meadow lawn
her limbs are not delicate whalebone in a hooped petticoat
they’re like arthritic fingers
some fractured by a lightning strike
dragged to a brush pile
they wait for a match to flame

a cylinder mower whirrs
broadcasted cuttings sprinkle a green fragrance
Willow celebrates snow melt
squirrels dance behind a hard winter tune
Lady Banks adorns a wrought iron gate
in this stone-wrapped graveyard

© Cindy B. Stevens
23 July 2017

#mower #iron #graveyard

Photo credit:  matt-seymour-4Me7b2hUTjU-unsplash