why write?

I have to write what I hear in my head, what I dream in my sleep, what my bones ache to express.

My poems tell stories of strength, love, regret, disobedience, loss, hope, redemption, and whatever whispers.

—Cindy B. Stevens

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09 November 2020

I shot my best friend


This poem might be hard to read in its entirety.  I chose certain pieces of it to share the gist of the plot.  Here are portions of “I shot my best friend”:


I exist in a nightmare

I’ve heard dreams are based on real events


must be true about nightmares, too, because

that 1967 Sunday morning streams through my head


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


1967 Sunday morning:

we’ve been in this deer stand since 4 a.m.




no deer, no luck

at nine-thirty, we climb down

walk to my truck

rifle barrels pointed down


I hear a snort a few yards ahead

left of the trail

I stop

shoulder my rifle

pivot the safety

my trip is a sneeze during a funeral prayer


a gunmetal sky watches

it’s horrified

I’m horrified

my hands, warm



sheriff declares an accident

I can’t name it

I won’t


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


© 18 August 2020

Cindy B. Stevens


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